Packaging: Bottle
Quantity per box: 12 or separate
Volume: 700 ml
Alcohol: 40 %
Serving Tempeture: Icecold °C


Iceland, Reykjavik
Type: Spirits
Systembolaget’s Art No: 73894
Systembolaget’s Art No: 73894
Producer: Ölgerdin Egil Skallagrimsson

About the Producer:

The purity and softness of the Icelandic water infused with the distinct flavor of the caraway is the secret to this exceptional drink. The origin of the recipe is unknown but caraway grows
wild in many parts of Iceland in spite of the harsh Arctic climate and has been harvested to lend flavor to Icelandic cuisine for centuries.

available at the Monopoly : artnr: 73894

Detailed Information


Color waterclear
Aroma caraway


Packaging Bottle
Quantity per box 12 or separate
Volume 700 ml
Alcohol 40 %
Serving Tempeture Icecold °C

Goes Well With

  • Aperitif
  • Dessert
  • Party WIne
  • Buffet
Cork Type Screwcap