Packaging: Bottle
Quantity per box: 6
Volume: 750
Vintage: 2020
Alcohol: 12 %
Serving Tempeture: 6°C °C



Spain, Manchuela
Vintage: 2020
Type: White wine
Grapes: 100% Tempranillo
Product ID: 90050
Product ID: 90050

About the Product:

Care and work in the vineyard respectful with the environment, without
using any element of synthesis (herbicides, fungicides, etc.). Only
natural elements and minimal intervention to maintain an ecosystem of
great life and balance both flora and microbial.

Producer: Dominio de Eguren,

About the Producer:

Eguren The family have dedicated their lives to wine since 1870, a period spanning five generations. They have been working in the vineyard, produced and stored some of the best wines from Spain.

They have allowed knowledge and tradition to go from father to son and has even been able to adapt to advances in technology and always maintained a respect for the earth and vines.

The Eguren family and their wines have achieved success both in Spain and internationally and has won numerous awards and prizes.

Detailed Information


Packaging Bottle
Quantity per box 6
Volume 750
Vintage 2020
Alcohol 12 %
Serving Tempeture 6°C °C

Goes Well With

  • Party WIne
  • Vegetables
  • Fish


  • EKO
  • Ekologisk



The cycle begins with significant water reserves due to the heavy rainfall at the beginning of autumn 2019.
Winter begins with mild temperatures around 5°C and little to no rainfall. February brings even milder temperatures with total absence of
rain, this causes a significant advance in budding.
March is colder than usual and slows down the cycle and brings 30-50 liters of rain per square meter (depending on the area).
April and May with average temperatures around 20 °C, with absence of frosts and a slightly lower than average levels of rainfall which
cause fast and significant vegetative development. We observe good health and flowers already fertilized at the end of May.
Veraison begins in mid-July. The months of July and August bring temperatures below average and rain that will fall in the form of storm,
especially at the end of August, causing an increase in production and an advance in ripening.
The harvest is about 2 weeks early, which starts at the beginning of September. The quality is very variable depending on the plots.
The white varieties have good maturity and excellent health, but low sugar levels, resulting in fresh and aromatic wines with relatively low
alcohol content.
The red grapes were harvested with some sporadic storms. The resulting wines from this vintage are subtle, with a lighter body, good
acidity and with a slight decrease in relation to the average in terms of color and alcohol.

Cork Type Natural cork
Product ID 90050