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High Environmental Value - Cattier Champagne

Cattier Champagne har blivit tilldelad!


High Environmental Value

This is a new certification aiming at :

Traceability of the products used to cultivate vineyards Development of biodiversity Use of specific pesticides and alternative methods of culture to limit their impact on environment

From the beginning of the 90’s, we have adopted measures to cultivate our vineyards according to the principle of « viticulture raisonnée » to limit the impact on environment.

Since 3 years, we have intensified our measures to be now certified :

Haute Valeur Environnementale

Level 3

(The Highest Level)

A real communication tool with your customers and media.

Champagne Cattier, L’Esprit Avant Garde! Also when it comes to environment.

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  • Brewery International AB
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  • Mission Wine & Spirits


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