Old English Gin awarded BEST IN SHOW at Global Packaging Design Awards


Old English Gin awarded BEST IN SHOW at Global Packaging Design Awards

At the Global Packaging Design Awards 2013, Old English Gin won GOLD in the spirits category and was awarded BEST IN SHOW i.e. best product across all beverage categories and packaging material.

“I am specifically proud about this reward, since my idea was to create something extraordinary and at the same time was true to the category” says Henrik Hammer, MD at Hammer & Son Ltd. “A few years ago I found a recipe for a gin from 1783 which I recreated as if I was a gin maker at that time. And needing a bottle that would match the product, I researched how gin was presented in the 18th century and found that England was the largest importer of French champagne, and that the empty bottles would be re-used for filling with gin. The bottles would be closed with a natural cork and sealed with organic wax­­”, explains Henrik.

At that time silk screen printed labels were common and the art director would often incorporate hidden messages in the artwork, so to add an extra touch to the historical authenticity Henrik made a gothic silk screen inscription with a riddle that will reveal the name of his father, the founder of their family business.

Henrik continues: “Our business is to create tools for bartenders so they can provide high quality drinking experiences to our mutual customers. And recreating how a gin bottle looked like in 1783 for a gin recipe from that same time, we have provided this new tool for the bartender to serve a classic gin cocktail as it was intended. Old English Gin is how it was: Truly original – which obviously the jury of the Designs Awards thought too”.

Old English Gin is produced by Hammer & Son Ltd. who also produces Geranium Gin. Old English Gin was rated “Outstanding” by Class Magazine and Geranium Gin was the highest rated gin in the world in 2010. For more information, please e-mail Henrik Hammer: hh@hammerandson.com.

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