Prisregn över Gernaium och Old English Gin



Geranium Gin and Old English Gin swipes the gin category at Bartenders Best Awards 2014.

On Monday October 27. the results of the first Bartender's Best Awards was unveiled at NOLA in East London. Hammer & Son took home the win in all gin categories with Geranium Gin and Old English Gin, and the overall winner was Geranium Gin 55. The competition was judged by full-time professional bartenders, and the tasting was conducted 'double blind' so all spirits was measured both by the quality in neat tasting and the usability of mixing in cocktails. The results were:

Premium London Dry Gin: Geranium Gin

Old Tom Style: Old English Gin

High Strength Gin: Geranium Gin 55

Category Winner: Geranium Gin 55


  • BMP Group


  • Brewery International AB
  • Mission Wine & Spirits


  • Brewery International AS
  • Mission Wine & Spirits


  • Premium Beer Import A/S