Aujoux – Robert Debuisson


Aujoux, formerly “Beaujolais Wine Company” was purchased in 1938 by Mr Amann, a leading Swiss
businessman. In November 1954, the company was named Aujoux SA, after the former CEO Jean
Marc Aujoux, who was a particularly talented visionary. In 1990, to strengthen their weight in
Beaujolais, they combined with other famous houses, Jacques Depaqneux and Chanut. The
company was then renamed Alliance of Fine Wines. The extension continued southwards in 2002
with new interests in the Languedoc Roussillon. This was the beginning of Signatures de Sud. Robert Debuisson is one of many winemakers in this group.
In 2007, the house expanded by moving to La Chapelle de Guinchay, to allow further
development of the company. Aujoux today enjoys the most modern facilities and a dynamic
business development team that brings to market 10 million bottles per year, both in France and
from around the world.

  • BMP Group


  • Brewery International AB
  • Mission Wine & Spirits


  • Brewery International AS
  • Mission Wine & Spirits


  • Premium Beer Import A/S

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