Blanco Nieva Verdejo



The location of the vineyards in Nieva belongs to the 12th century, when the commercialization of the wines started with the peak of Los Cartujos monastery. The maximum production of grapes took place in 19th century. Our wines are situated in the high quality level of Denomination of Origin Rueda. We just work with the finest grape varieties admitted in Rueda: Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc.

Viñedos de Nieva was founded in 1989 as a project trying to revive the vinegrowing tradition that existed in this region. After 20 years working and step by step, in 2009, Bodegas MARTÚE joins this company to enforce the image and sales of this emblematic winery.


Viñedos de Nieva, located close to the city of Segovia, has a unique terroir which produces wines of an exceptional quality, freshness, complexity and elegance.

With the goal of finding exclusive areas to produce the finest wines, Fausto Gonzalez traveled around Segovia looking for the best white wine. And it is just after knowing Nieva when he got convinced about the exceptionality of its wines. In 2009 Martúe members arrived to Viñedos de Nieva, to elaborate Rueda wines keeping Martúe´s philosophy, not big productions with the highest quality and the best prices.

Denomination of Origin Rueda is situated in the regions of Valladolid, Segovia and Ávila. In all of them we find exceptional climate conditions and natural factors for white wine elaboration.

It could be said that Rueda is the most well known Denomination of Origin when it comes to white Spanish wines, in fact it has reached an incredible international recognition. The native grape variety from D.O. Rueda is Verdejo, it occupies the most of the area in the vineyard. Viura, Sauvignon Blanc and Palomino are also allowed to be planted.

This region has an ancient tradition, and there are documents which proves that the vine growing and elaboration of wine was important in the Middle Ages. But it was in the Gold Spanish Century, when these so called golden wines acquired a great recognition.