A.D. Coutelas

France, Champagne

The beginnings of Coutelas Champagne were acted out in the vineyards as far back as 1809. Louis Victor Coutelas, a wine maker in the Champagne region, founded the Coutelas Champagne Maison.

Christened with the name of one of the family’s ancestors, the Louis Victor cuvée is the symbol of Coutelas champagnes and the expression of its tradition.

Since then, eight generations of men and women of character, passionate about the craft of winemaking, have succeeded each other…

Today the Coutelas family continue the search for excellence through the efforts of Damien and Angélique Coutelas, representatives of the 8th generation.
Whereas the operation has developed over time, incorporating the progress and dynamism of modern times, all new additions have been integrated with extreme care and with respect for the fundamental values of the Maison: Authenticity, quality and tradition.